Environment Concept Art for Games

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Class Begins Sunday April 23rd at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

Learn The ART of 2D & 3D Environment Design For Games

This class will showcase current practices in the environment concept art production pipeline with emphasis on the use of 3d. The use of 3d in concept art has become increasingly necessary as games continually increase in visual fidelity.

Utilizing a combination 3d modeling and rendering software along with traditional methods of painting and photo-bashing a concept artist can create high-quality images in which designs are fully realized from all angles. This process opens up new opportunities of working collaboratively with environment artists and level designers as concept models can easily be imported into game engines to further iterate on.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Collecting reference and assembling a visual style guide
  • Techniques used to creat many thumbnails sketches in 3d and playing "virtual photographer" to scout for compositions within a rough 3d blockout.
  • Creation of rough concepts using very simple 3d blockouts focusing on establishing a general direction through painting /photbashing based on a brief I will provide them. I will leave it somewhat open to interpretation so that all of the students aren't working on identical pieces
  • Modeling techniques for concept artists. Intro to the basic tools for getting started making 3d scenes for concept art
  • Building a small library of assets for re-use
  • Rendering techniques and time efficiency
  • Materials and lighting
  • 3d paintover, photopashing


Week 01

– Class introduction

– Project Brief


– Collecting reference, methods of searching

– Creating a visual style guide

– Rough value sketch


– Create style guide (based off reference gathered choose direction for project)

– Create 8 rough value sketches exploring shape language and themes based off of reference and

style guide

Week 02

– Week 01 HW review


– Introduction to basic modeling tools

– Rough blockout of scene

– Using primitives to block in forms quickly

– Basics of lighting and cameras


– Create a rough blockout of you scene with primitive shapes

– Take 4 screenshots with different camera angles and lighting scenarios

– Create 4 rough sketches further exploring shape language using the screenshots taken

Week 03

– Week 02 HW review


– Modeling for concept art continued

– Building a library

– Design sketching


– Create blockouts of 6 pieces of architectural elements

– Create design sketches on top of screenshots of elements to further resolve shapes

Week 04

– Week 03 HW review


– Designing the point of interest

– Kitbashing


– Create a blockout of main POI

– Create design sketches on top of screenshots of POI to further resolve shapes

Week 05

– Week 04 HW review


– Techniques for generating quick terrain

– Using photos to generate textures and geometry

– Methods of rapid texturing


– Create terrain for environment to be integrated with

– Create rough blockout of entire scene with all elements in place

Week 06

– Week 05 HW review


– Intro to rendering

– Creating custom materials, textures and HDR environments

– Lighting


– Create terrain for environment to be integrated with

– Create rough blockout of entire scene with all elements in place

Week 07

– Week 06 HW review


– Initial pass of final concept

– Painting and photbashing


– Create final render

– Initial pass

Week 08

– Week 07 HW review


– Designing logos/signage

– Final polish pass of concept


– Final polish pass of concept

Week 09

– Week 08 HW review


– Callout of POI

– Additional render techniques

– Final presentation


– Create detailed callout of POI

Week 10

– Final Review

– Retrospective

– Additional demos


When is the live session?

Sunday at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

When is the first class session?

Starts April 23rd at 10 AM Pacific.

What if I miss a class? Can I download it later?

Yes, everything is recorded and downloadable. 

How long do I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access to the course material

How long are the live sessions?

The live sessions are between two and three hours long.

When do you get the downloads up?

We get the downloads of live sessions online about 24 to 48 hours after the live session ends.

How do I talk to the teacher?

You can talk freely during the class and also via the Facebook group and private forum.

Will my work be reviewed?

Yes, your work will be reviewed in class.

Are there demonstrations or lectures?

Yes.  They will be live and recorded.  All downloads will be in your course.

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