3D Concepting Tips From Gurmukh Bhasin

Gurmukh Bhasin is about to start a new class this week, Vehicle Concepting.  To help give you a sense of what a class with Gurmukh is like we grabbed a few clips from his previous course. You can check them out below.

One of the important and very cool parts of these classes are that they are live. They are not pre-recorded.  You can literally press a button and talk directly to Gurmukh, get his advice, his opinion as you'll see in the videos below.

The other really important element is that these classes are about your work.  Gurmukh demos each topic but you have to do the work... and when you do, as you'll see in the vids, you get his direct feedback on your stuff, live, in real-time.

Check it out below:

Creating Cut Lines In Maya 

Keeping The Sketch Alive While Designing In Maya 


It is not enough, though, to have an awesome model and killer renders in 3D.  The videos below show little clips of how Gurmukh adds explosions, lens flares and gives the image that extra special quality that really pulls the whole image together.

Quick Compositing Tip For Explosions In Concept Design 

 Lens Flare and Light Dust 


 Registration is closing this week so make sure to sign up today by heading over here.

See ya in there.