3D Character Concepting with Josh Herman

Starts March 30th at 3PM Pacific/ 6PM Eastern (subject to change)

Ever taken an online course or, perhaps, a course in college where the teacher could give you the steps to use the software but couldn't teach you how to make your work shine?  How to make work that someone would actually hire you because of?

Well, we're different! The courses at Concept Art Workshop are focused on giving you the skills you need to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market.  

When you learn from Josh Herman you're learning from someone who works every day on amazing films like the Avengers: Age Of Ultron... Who is right now developing the films that you and I will be seeing next year.  

In fact, right now, Josh Herman is working on projects that will generate upwards of Billions of dollars of revenue for Marvel and he earned that job by marrying 2D concepting with 3D concepting... exactly what he is going to be teaching you.

This is a moment in time that doesn't come often.  2D artist's haven't picked up the 3D tools yet so they need someone whose sole job is to translate 2D designs into 3D characters.  

Over the last few years, I've seen that 2D concepting is slowly disappearing as we enter an immersive 3D environment.  In a few years 3D won't be just glasses... it will be occulus rift, vive...

So, today, in the concept world, it is imperitive that you be able to create ideas fluently in a 3D environment and that... is no easy task.  

Using software like Maya to generate concepts can be like using a tank to swat flies but when you learn how to use it right you and you develop a process that works for you... well, that is the kind of power that makes a difference in your job, in your creative potential.

With Josh Herman's course you will learn so much more than what buttons to push. You will learn how to think about design while pushing buttons, and while you deal with all the technology of Maya.  You're learn how to make that technology a part of your artistic process.

It won't be easy. It won't happen over night.  However, when you sign up, when you commit to the WORK that needs to be DONE... then you take that step from being a tourist to becoming a professional artist.

To help you commit... because, I know this course is important, I'm offering you several bonuses.


Bonus #1: From Ryan Kingslien ($498 Value)

UNLEASH THE ARTIST Course.  Learn how to unlock the artist inside of you. Discover your hidden rules and push yourself to new hieghts of creativity.

Bonus #2: From UArtsy ($258 Value)

A HARD-SURFACE bundle. Includes Tom Paul's Sculpting Hard Surface, Ioannis Karathomas's Military Mechs, Kirill Chepizhko's Mech Kit Bashing in Fusion 360, and finally Daniel Bystedt's Sci-Fi Character Workshop.

Bonus #3: From Concept Art Workshop ($898 Value)

3D Concepting In Maya & ZBrush with Josh Herman. That's right, you get full access to Josh's last 10 week class on concepting hard surfaces.

That's over $1650 dollars in bonuses that are completely free to you when you register today.

Everything done and said we are talking about over 80 hours of lectures and critiques that you get for signing up today and making a commitment to your future.

Just choose your payment option to the right and sign up today. 

There is no risk to you. If you are not 100% confident that this class is awesome just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money. No questions asked... but that is just not going to happen.  This class is a game-changer. I've seen it work in others and today is your day.

Choose your payment plan on the right and let's start the journey!


Module 1: Introduction to Class

  • Demonstration on Character Design
  • Introduce Class Project
  • Reference Gathering

Module 2: Begin Character Block-Out

  • Demonstration on Blocking Out Sculpting
  • Explain Overall Process Of Character Creation

Module 3: Character Block-Out 3.0

1.     Demonstration on Refined Sculpting Techniques

2.     Working tThe Whole vs Refining One Area

Module 4: Exploring The Design

1.     Demonstration On Finding NEW reference

2.     Pushing Shapes, Breaking The Design

Module 5: Beginning Final Model Build

1.     Demonstration on Retopology Techniques

Module 6: Finish Final Model Build

1.     Demonstration on Detail and Finishing Techniques

Module 7: Rendering Techniques & Posing

1.     Demonstration on What Is The Final Goal?

2.     Keyshot, Maya, ZBrush Renders

Module 8: Final Review & Critique

Get ready to learn the latest cutting edge workflows from Josh!

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