Concepting Tools For Your Creative Mind

Artist’s love their tools. If we want great results, we need to use great tools, right? So here are a few of the tools that Gurmukh Bhasin uses when doing 3D Concept Designs.

Maya – a 3D Animation and Modeling Software - is the primary tool that Gurmukh uses to design but it needs a little help. Specifically, from 2 plug ins: ZenTools and cometRename.

Zentools is an amazing plug-in that helps you work with curves and curves cleanup. It also helps cleanup you polygon meshes, among others, in Maya. Since its framework is based on a mobile ready css and javascript, you get the optimized module content of your site on whatever device your viewing it on.

With cometRename tool, this is a great tool to help name your meshes and organize things. You can use your outliner to ascertain that your entire project’s file and data is organized. When your files are organized, it’s easier to find things and the creation/creative process goes more smoothly.

Keyshot, is Gurmukh’s renderer of choice. It’s easy to use and the newest version is incredible powerful and even faster than before. The most important element, though, is just how easy it is to create realistic materials and lighting for his render passes.

Photoshop Creative Cloud 2015 is also important because of it’s 32 bit image editing capabilities. Of course, the stand by features such as masking, layers, layer adjustments and all that make it super easy for him to bring his Keyshot render passes in and compose a great image.

Pen and paper will never be obsolete. Even though the bulk of the work is done in 3D and 2D software Gurmukh keeps a sketchbook and pen next to him on the desk.

If you are the type of artist that is more inclined to work with tablets, Gurmukh notes that he uses Intuos Pro medium sized tablet. It has pen capabilities with intuitive multi-touch support so you can have accuracy, control, and speed in your workflow. This helps him explore the initial silhouette.

Although Gurmukh has preferences in tools and software, for his class, hel encourages artists to use whatever tools you want and are most comfortable with. We might find something amazing when we try to step out of the box once in a while.