3D Concepting Leads The Way

In this clip from my talk with rockstar Ian Joyner, freelance concept artist, he talks about his process from 3D to 2D and how IMPORTANT 3D has become to his creative process and his client's sense of expectations.

In Ian's work at Legacy Effects, who produced work for Iron Man and so many other films, he collaborated with Jason Lopes to bring not just 2D imagery into the hands of directors but also 3D PRINTS & CNC MILLED PUPPETS that are used directly in the film.

See, CONCEPT ARTISTS today are not just creating 2D imagery but also create the TOYS that show up in toy stores. They create the actual monsters, the FABRICATED BODY SUITS that actors use in the film. They create the 3D assets that the visual effects team uses.

Today, 3D CONCEPTING has opened up a whole new world for the brave few who are the the forefront of designing the films and games that we love and it all starts with learning design and learning software.

It's a beautiful time to be an ARTIST!